Pictures of the Feldberg:

Hiking at
the Feldberg

Raitenbucher Höhe
View from Lenzkirch-Raitenbuch to the Feldberg

Feldberg summit
Feldberg summit

Feldberg Seebuck
From Feldberg summit to Seebuck:
Bismarck Monument and Feldberg Tower

Lake Feldsee
View from Bismarck Monument down to Lake Feldsee

Feldberg Feldsee
Lake Feldsee

Lake Feldsee
Lake Feldsee

Haus der Natur
House of Nature (Haus der Natur) in Feldberg

Zaster Hütte
Zastler Hütte

Bismarck Monument, the Feldberg Summit to the right

Mount Herzogenhorn, on the horizon the Alps

The valley Wiesental in the south

View to south west to mountain Belchen

View to the west to the Schauinsland

View to the north

About the Feldberg in the Black Forest:
Mount Feldberg in the Black Forest is situated 12 km from Lenzkirch, and with an altitude of 1492 meters it is the highest mountain in the Black Forest and also the highest German summit outside the Alps. From the Feldberg there is a splendid view to the Herzogenhorn, Wiesental, Belchen, the Vosges in France, Schauinsland, Kandel, Turner and even to the Swiss Alps.

A cableway rides from the House of Nature (Haus der Natur) up to the Bismarck Monument and the Feldberg Tower on the Seebuck. From there it is a 2 km walk to the weather station at the Feldberg Summit.

Below the Seebuck there is the glacial lake Feldsee. The same glacier also formed the Titisee in 10 km distance.

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